The First Bridge

Everybody knows that Budapest originated as two cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube. There was no permanent connection between them until 1849, when this bridge - designed by an Englishman and built by a Scotsman - was completed. The view is from Buda, looking towards Pest.
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The scenic part of Buda is a fortified hilltop, seen here from another bridge. Your browser cannot display JPEG images!
Buda's fortifications are picturesque, though not very old. By the way, it would have been easy to edit out that nasty blue telescope which mars the picture. Do you think I should have, like this? Or would you prefer to see Buda as it really is? Your browser cannot display JPEG images!

Hungary's parliament building, in Pest, from the ramparts of Buda.

Although Pest is flat and not as photogenic as Buda, it is well worth visiting. It has a very good art gallery, overlooking Hősök Square.