Our Cyprus Pictures

The Akamas Peninsula

This is the north-western part of Cyprus, most of it a nature reserve.
Two pictures.

The Troodos Mountains

The highest point is just under 2000 metres. They get snow in winter (there was a bit left when we were there at the end of March), but at this latitude, there are trees right to the top. The clear, warm, dry air with a very faint smell of pine, and the low density of the trees (limited by the low rainfall) reminded me of the plateau just south of the Grand Canyon, which is at a similar altitude and latitude but probably even drier. The terrain is quite different, though. The Troodos mountains are not steep like the alps, but they are very rugged. This picture was taken near the top.


Two pictures from a hill near the village of Gialia (pronounced roughly "Yialia"), one towards the sea and the other towards the dry hills of the interior.


These picturesque ruins are from the 4th century.