Edfu, January 2002

The temple of Horus at Edfu, about 100 km south of Luxor. Built around 200 BC, it is much more recent than the temples at Karnak or Luxor, and is mostly intact, but is built to a similar pattern. Without seeing the temple at Edfu, I would have found it very difficult to imagine, from the ruins at Karnak and Luxor, what a complete Pharaonic temple looked like.
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The entrance leads to a courtyard, beyond which is the hall of pillars:

The roof is intact at Edfu and (unlike Karnak) the walls have no openings, so the temple must have artificial light inside; presumably in ancient times, oil lamps were used. As at Karnak and Luxor, the inner walls are covered with illustrated religious texts:

Of course the outer walls have texts and pictures too, and some are in better condition than the older examples at Karnak and Luxor: